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Water damage can cause serious and long lasting damage to any home or business, and in many cases may be even more destructive than fire. The reason is simple; fire causes immediate destruction and is easily extinguished, whereas water causes not only immediate damage, but also continues to cause problems for as long as it is allowed to remain standing and untreated. A flooded basement may actually sit unattended for a prolonged period, allowing it to merrily eat away at the structural supports for your home, as well as set the stage for additional problems such as mold.

Flooded Basement Local provides expert and experienced basement flood clean up as well as other water damage restoration services such as water removal, drying procedures, mold remediation, as well as structural repair and restoration services. The overall process is designed to return your property to the condition it was in before the water damage occurred, and in many cases the property will be even better than it was before. Flooded Basement Local provides 24/7 service, with same day emergency response available in most cases. This means a technician at your door within 60 minutes of your call, ready to assess the situation and begin the water damage restoration procedure.

Water affects pretty much every element of your home. It can cause flooring to warp and crack, destroy carpeting, and damage drywall and sheetrock beyond repair. Water damage from upper floors can cause ceilings to sag and collapse under the weight of the water, as well as playing havoc with electrical and HVAC systems.

Water damage is the basement is even more of a problem, since it often goes unnoticed for extended periods of time. By the time the leak or spill is found, the damage is already done and may be considerable.  Remember that water damage only gets wore over time, and a basement flood can just be step one in a progressively worsening process.  Water eats away at structural supports, rotting the wood and rusting the metal, and if enough time goes by, your home could become actively dangerous to live in.  Flooded basement clean up is exactly why Flooded Basement Local exists, to locate and address these problems before they have the opportunity to be fruitful and multiply.

We mentioned mold, and any good basement flooded clean up process will include mold remediation and removal as a part of their services offered. Mold establishes rapidly any time there is a water problem, usually appearing within 72 hours (sooner if we are dealing with sewage based water problems), and can pose a serious threat to the health and well being of those living or working on the property. Mold remediation is a fairly exact science, and as such should be undertaken by qualified professionals, namely the pros at Flooded Basement Local.

Don’t entrust your home to just anyone, since hiring the wrong company could actually make a bad problem even worse. Call the professional service providers at Flooded Basement Local. Our technicians will treat your home and valuables with respect, as if they were their very own.  This means you can be sure that the problem will be taken care of and that you can look forward to resuming your normal life as soon as possible.

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