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Fire damage is a nightmare for any homeowner, since fires almost always begin with little or no warning, can spread rapidly, and devour possessions, valuables, homes, businesses, and even lives in a matter of a few minutes. Fire leaves behind a level of damage that can be traumatizing and overwhelming for the property owner, and the cleanup process may take several weeks to complete.

Much like with water damage, it is important to begin the restoration process immediately following any sort of fire damage scenario. Left alone, the damage can seriously weaken the structural supports of your property, to the point where the structure is unsafe for habitation of any sort.

Smoke may also be carried through the structure’s HVAC system, causing smoke and odor damage to areas of the structure untouched by the actual fire. Soot and ash may mix with the water and foam used to extinguish the blaze, creating a serious and potentially toxic mess that will need to be cleaned up using specialized techniques.

Flooded Basement Local is more than just a basement flood company; we also handle damage to homes and businesses as a result of fire, including the clean up process, as well as structural repair and restoration, with our goal to return the home to its original condition as soon as possible, and with a minimum of disruption to your daily routine.

Homes damaged by fire are extremely dangerous, and all utilities serving those structures should be shut off at the source. Damaged electrical systems carry with them the threat of serious injury or even death by electrocution, and any leaking gas may be subject to ignition by something as minor as a spark or a smoldering ember.  For these reasons alone, the property should be vacated and left in the hands of professionals, the pros from Flooded Basement Local.

The after effects of a fire are numerous, and smoldering remnants of the blaze may be enough to produce toxic fumes that can be hazardous to your health.  The structure may also have been weakened by the fire, and as such be at risk for collapse.  The damaged area may be home to objects with jagged edge, which could produce serious injury if handled or stepped on.

The professionals at Flooded Basement Local are well trained, experienced in all aspects of the restoration process, and able to handle even the largest cases of fire related damage or other major disaster issues. They have also been certified by the Clean Trust, which offers a measure of accountability for homeowners who have already been through enough and need a measure of assurance that the company they have hired to treat their home is legitimate.

Don’t entrust your home to just anyone, since hiring the wrong company could actually make a bad problem even worse. Call the professional service providers at Flooded Basement Local. Our technicians will treat your home and valuables with respect, as if they were their very own.  This means you can be sure that the problem will be taken care of and that you can look forward to resuming your normal life as soon as possible.

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